Freelance / Hourly Rates
Hire a Freelancer for my website

Existing clients can benefit from our freelance rates for specific projects or website enhancements. 

Depending on the volume of work and the technicality of the tasks, we will charge: 

  • Online Training, Research, content editing 
     @ 10$ per hour  
  • Design and extensions modifications 
     @ 15$ per hour  
  • Simple code scripting and database tweak 
     @ 25$ per hour  
  • Advanced scripting and core database modifications 
     @ 50$ per hour  

Existing clients can login the support area and open a ticket to ask for a quotation. 


Free website with maintenance package

No catch. When you subscribe to a hosting and maintenance package we will make a free website that can suit most businesses. We will only charge for specific scripts add-ons, but the free one is already a quality and fully featured website, suitable for most companies.

Affordable Solutions Provessional Service


Fast reactivity website interventions

In order to keep prices low and service clients efficiently worldwide, we avoid contre-productive face-to-face meetings and communicate exclusively on-line via Skype and Gmail; it allows to keep logs and exchange documents efficiently.

Efficient, responsive & logged Communications


Learn how to use my website online

We won't abandon you to learn how to use your website on your own, our packages include free on-line training after what we still help you, trying to keep it free as much as possible. We also provide data and links to relevant knowledge-base.

We teach you how to manage your website


Trustworthy Freelancer Payments

Depending on your location we can receive payments by Credit Card, Western Union and Paypal Accounts for clients worldwide, bank transfer to France for payments from Europe and for the according markets, bank transfers to Thailand or Cambodia.

Easy and Flexible Modes of Payment

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